Chauffeured Car Rental

Chauffeured Car Rental

As Ark Transfer; We are aware of how important every detail is for you in special days, organizations and events. We are aware of how important transportation is, especially in terms of not disrupting organizations such as weddings and in general good organization. We are ready to serve you with this awareness.

Ark Transfer, Our vehicles in our transfer, transportation and service services that we offer for special occasions. exists.

In general, our staff within the company primarily determine the needs for your special day. In this preparation phase, where it is aimed to meet your transportation needs without any problems, we are in contact with you, our valued customers, at all times, and we make a plan to carry out the transportation you need on the dates of the said organization or special day without any problems. Our plans are also shaped according to your special wishes and demands. In this direction, from our vehicle models, our customers determine all the transportation information and details about which direction, address and what time our vehicles should be located.

It is possible to choose our chauffeured car rental service within the scope of different organizations and events. As a company, we realize your transportation expectations in the best and most economical way, with our affordable service options, without making any organizational distinction.

     Within the scope of marriage wedding organizations; Delivery of your special guests or guests to the wedding area or delivery from the wedding area to their homes
     Allocating a private transportation vehicle for circumcision children, guests or special guests in circumcision wedding organizations
     Delivery of special guests and guests to the organization area within the scope of the celebration or entertainment organization to be held
     Transporting musicians, musician group members, musician team, equipment and personal belongings to the concert/organization area in entertainment events such as entertainment organizations, weddings or concerts

We can list a few of the services we offer in this category. We provide a comfortable, hygienic, safe and economical transportation service with our different model vehicle options with multi-person or small-person capacities in line with different organizations for different customer profiles.